How Does Systems Change Really Happen? Four Key Insights

February 4, 2020  |   |  Add a comment»

By Sam Drabble, Head of Research & Learning at Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP) In the context of the global push to meet the SDGs, sanitation continues to lag dramatically behind. The challenge goes far beyond a lack of, or unsuitable, infrastructure: underlying systemic issues hold the sector back and block millions…

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Collective action towards WASH systems strengthening

October 28, 2019  |   |  Add a comment»

by Alec Shannon What does it take to keep water, sanitation and hygiene services going? Strong systems. Simply put, systems strengthening involves supporting actors and factors. Actors include national and local government authorities, service providers, service users, and private sector entities.  Factors include financing, regulation, technology and much more.  In recent years, several organizations and…