Matt Damon Goes on Strike!

In this newly released video, co-founder and celebrity Matt Damon appears at a press conference to announce his plans to stop using the toilet until more people take the WASH crisis seriously. This tongue-in-cheek video campaign, the first in a series according to the L.A. Times, is’s attempt to raise awareness about global water and sanitation issues in a humorous and accessible way.

"The concept of experimenting with comedy to generate new levels of awareness and participation in the cause is something we’ve been toying with for a couple of years," Matt Damon told the L.A. Times about the genesis of the video campaign. "If Sarah Silverman and I can generate millions of views on YouTube for something ridiculous, then we should be able to do better for one of the most important and solvable issues of our time."  

Aside from publicizing WASH issues, the video aims to inspire people to action. It directs viewers to a new web site,, where they can learn more about the crisis, and donate their money and social media accounts to the campaign.

For more on the making of the video, read the full L.A. Times piece.