Funding Opportunity with The Humanitarian Innovation Fund: Up to £50,000 Available for Innovation Grants

This week we share a funding opportunity with the Humanitarian Innovation Fund.

The goal of HIF is to support innovators across the entire innovation lifecycle. The recent external evaluation of HIF’s programme and strategic review identified the need for additional focus on the less-resourced innovation stages of problem recognition and diffusion. It also highlighted the importance of providing continued (end-to-end) support to innovation in the humanitarian system.

Through this Call, up to ten small grants of up to £50,000 each will be made available for innovations that address the following

  • Problem RecognitionThese grants are open to any applicant to explore in depth a specific problem, challenge, or opportunity, in relation to the provision of humanitarian aid.
  • Advancing Seed-funded Projects – Available solely to applicants who have already received HIF seed-funding and are looking for the next-stage of funding to further develop their innovation.
  • Project DiffusionAvailable solely to previous Development or Implementation grantees, now requiring grant funding for wider adoption of their innovation outside the original setting.

All projects funded through this call will need to be completed no later than 31 December 2018.


Problem Recognition grants are open to any applicant – If you are applying for a problem recognition grant as a first time applicant, please register and apply here.
Applicants who have applied to our facility previously, please use this link to log in.

Former HIF Grantees applying for funding to further their HIF-Seed funded project, or funding for diffusion activities following their Development and Implementation project – please contact the HIF team for further instructions on how to apply. Do not use the links above.

We will ONLY accept applications through our online platform.

Applications must be submitted by 23:59 GMT 10 December 2017.