Database of Impact Evaluations

The 3ie impact evaluation database is a resource for policymakers and researchers who are looking for evidence on what works, what doesn’t, and why in development. The database contains information on over 4,260 impact evaluations and links to the original studies. Studies evaluate impact using qualitative, quantitative, or mixed method study designs. The database can be searched by country, region, focus area (i.e. water), population group, or study type.

IBNET Data Base

The IBNET toolkit provides comprehensive data comparing current and historical performance results of water and sanitation utilities. Aimed at providers of public utilities, specifically water and sanitation, the data facilitate the identification of best practices, knowledge-sharing, and the creation of benchmarks where participants can identify gaps and determine their performance in comparison to other participants. The performance data is in the public domain and can be useful for a foundation seeking to learn of the current and past performance of water and sanitation utilities in a given locale.

Mapping for Results Platform

Mapping for Results documents the location of World Bank projects to enhance transparency and social accountability. The map can be sorted by country or sector. WASH financing can be compared to financing of other sectors and can be viewed in relation to country-specific indicators. The tool includes outcomes of World Bank projects.

Water Point Data Exchange

WPDx allows you to see what types of investments have worked well, and what types of investments have been less successful. This could even be as simple as comparing how well different types of technologies have provided water over time in a certain area. Through the data available in WPDx, funders can target investments to where the needs are greatest and define the type of investment that might be most effective.

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