Supporting Market-Based Solutions for Safe and Affordable Water in India

Safe Water Network

Through a three-year $3.5 million partnership with Safe Water Network (SWN), The PepsiCo Foundation provides market-based approaches and technical support for safe and affordable water access to communities in Ghana, India, and Bangladesh. As part of the initiative, SWN and PepsiCo Foundation are exploring the cost-effectiveness and sustainability of Safe Water Kiosks which are community-led water purification operating systems. The “Safe Water Station” Initiative launched in 40 villages in India in 2010 is profiled here.

Project objectives

  • Sell purified drinking water at affordable rates to low-income households in 40 villages in India
  • Determine the commercial viability of the water kiosk model and the potential for the program to be replicated in other geographic locations in India


  • Launched Safe Water Kiosks in 40 villages in India
  • Development of a Market Assessment and Feasibility Study to assess the viability of Small Water Enterprises in India; outlines most cost-effective and sustainable solutions to address water challenge in rural and peri-urban Indian villages
  • Training programs developed to educate villagers about long-term ownership of safe water kiosks


  • Scaling and replicating the community-led safe water kiosks to other villages in India is difficult due to a lack of data on supply and demand of safe drinking water, differing socio-economic landscapes, and environmental, political and cultural variations

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